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FMCH Monday Lunch:Spring 2021
Join us weekly to discuss diversity issues and activities across campus and the community.
4/5/21: Celebrating Spring with the Gardener's Tale: We'll watch a few minutes of Camara Jones together and talk about how the metaphors within the Gardener's Tale help us think about how we "enrich the soil" of our learning and clinical environments and suggest ways to get involved.​

4/12/21: Celebrating Change with Action Planning: This week, we'll share the last of Camara Jones' TED Talk metaphors about the conveyor belt and review some of the many options for moving forward and taking action. I'd love to return to the idea raised during Chelsey's visit of needing a structural bystander training. What would that look like? ​

4/19/21: Patriots Day: no Monday Lunch

4/26/21: Changing the Culture: Microaggressions and unproductive behaviors in meetings​

5/3/21 amd 5/10/21: Training Active Bystanders Part One and Two: We'll ask folks to commit to attend both sessions as we bring the Quabbin Mediation Training Active Bystander training to Monday Lunch. We'll need an estimate of attendance in advance to ensure they bring enough small group facilitators. ​
You can choose to attend one or more of the following sessions.

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